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Appalachian Mountain Club
Brownville, Maine
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Highway + Roadwork

Project Overview

Sargent, commissioned by the Appalachian Mountain Club, played a vital role in improving fish habitat in the Pleasant River Headwaters Forest during the summer of 2023. Focused on 13 stream crossings along spurs from the K.I. Road, the initiative aimed to restore 13.9 miles of stream habitat, benefiting endangered Atlantic salmon and Eastern brook trout. Tim LePage, Sargent’s regional manager for Northern Maine, explained the project involved replacing culverts with new bridges, providing fish with a more natural environment. Successful completion led to Sargent being awarded a contract for an additional 14 installations in 2024. The broader context involves a $4.16 million grant awarded in October 2021 to conserve and protect the 26,740-acre Pleasant River Headwaters Forest, contributing to the ongoing recovery efforts for Atlantic salmon and Maine’s forest ecosystems.