Aerial Shot Of Rangeley Airport Runway Extension Lane 14 Airports Building essential airport infrastructure to keep our communities connected.
Highway + Roadwork Giving everyone the freedom to move about with great roads and highways.
Our Crew Working Under The Sun On Landfill Projects Landfill Protecting and furthering the environment for the next generation.
Sargent's Solar Power For Renewable Energy Renewable Energy Ensuring a bright future by developing exciting renewable energy projects.
Aerial View Of One Of Our Site Development Project Sites Site Development Creating solid foundations for businesses, schools, and industry.
Excavator Claw Lifting Concrete Sewer Pipe Municipal + Utility Providing towns with clean water, capable sewers, and reliable transportation.
Sargent's Renewable Energy Saddleback Wind Farm Project Site Alternate Procurement Experienced and innovative thinking to build complex projects better.
Excavator On Lifting Asphalt Aggregates Hot Mix Asphalt + Aggregates Repurposed aggregates and hot mix asphalt for any infrastructure project.
Sargent's Crew Working On Weilding Task With Safety Gear Fabrication + Mechanical Custom fabrication capabilities for specialized project needs.
“Sargent is one of the most responsive contractors I know. When there are issues, they don’t shy away from them. Sargent steps up to the plate every time.”
Claude Junkins
Facilities Management, University of Maine
"Sargent has been an important construction partner for the Portland International Jetport for the past decade. Sargent is known at the Jetport for exceptional project management. They have the necessary resources and dedicate them to our projects to meet our established phasing requirements, limit operational impacts, and meet project schedules. It is a pleasure to work with Sargent on our most difficult airport construction projects."
Paul H. Bradbury, P.E.
Airport Director, Portland International Jetport
Our Crew Checking Flat Source
Our Crew Checking Flat Source

Building Projects Safely

The safety of everyone involved is the first thing we think about on every project we build. There's no point in building airports or wind farms if our people aren't safe in the process.

We keep everyone safe through careful planning, training, daily meetings, inspections, and the latest compliance software. Learn more about our safety approach here.