Who is Sargent?

Sargent Corporation is a team of over 450+ employee-owners, building infrastructure including renewable energy projects, highways, commercial site work, landfill cells, highways, and underground work in the Northeast US and Mid-Atlantic region.

Sargent has a rich, near-century-long history and continues to focus on preparing the next generation leading into its second century.

Kevin Gordon Along With One Of Our Crew Members
Kevin Gordon Along With One Of Our Crew Members
Sargent's Cat 735c Transporting Soil
Our Purpose
Our purpose is to build, and to be faithful stewards of the Sargent legacy and the resources entrusted to us.
Whether you are an employee-owner, a customer, or business partner — whether measured in days, dollars, or distance — Sargent will manage every resource with the respect it deserves.
Sargent's Cat 735c Transporting Soil
Our Values
Our people are the foundation of our operations.
One Of Crew Walking And Lifting Few Parts Of Our Construction Equipment

Investing in People

The Sargent culture is steeped in commitment to the wellbeing and prosperity of our family of employee-owners, and to meaningful relationships with our business partners and our communities.
Working Weilding With Fully Equipment Gear Protection

Honing Our Craft

We deliver the talent, passion, and determination to provide productive and creative solutions to every project.

Doing the Right Thing

Even when no one is watching, regardless of personal or financial consequences, we conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity.

Winning in the Field

We're driven by a philosophy that our executional spirit — driven by safety, dedication, and mutual fairness — will produce exceptional outcomes and a win for all involved.
Old Photo Of Sargent's Old Construction Equipment With Herb's Initial In 1957

Son Joins the Company

Herb grew his business over the ensuing decades, with his son, Jim, joining the company full-time in 1957. Jim proved to be a catalyst for continued growth as he built on Herb’s reputation as an honest and reliable contractor.

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Old Photo Of Sargent's Old Construction Equipment With Herb's Initial In 1957
Tasha Gardner


“I think it’s all about our creativity and our ability to take on large projects. We’re skilled at marshaling resources and putting together the right crews and equipment for any job. We also have the ability to tackle a wider variety of projects than many companies — everything from pipe jobs to wind farm site work to landfills to highways.”
Tasha Gardner
Vice President-Finance & CFO
Our Leadership
Tasha Gardner