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Sargent's Experience

Airport construction requires the utmost precision, safety, and timeliness. With decades of building taxiways, runways, ramps, and drainage infrastructure, Sargent is ready for any challenge. Our resume includes everything from local and municipal airports up to international facilities.

Why Sargent?

Minimized Facility Downtime
Minimized Facility Downtime
Trusted and Collaborative Team Members
Precise Work
Our Skilled and Ever-Improving Workforce
Fully Integrated Solutions
Sargent's Medium Size Bulldozer Moving Soil Sargent's Medium Size Bulldozer Moving Soil

Minimized Facility Downtime

We respect the resource that is your facility uptime. Downtime of a runway or other airport facility applies undue pressure to the remaining airport infrastructure. Safe and efficient return of your facility's entire operation — and the savings related to reduced project durations — checks every box in our core purpose and values.

Our Crew Working Together For Airport Services Our Crew Working Together For Airport Services

Trusted and Collaborative Team Members

The Sargent project management team brings centuries of experience in managing both our work and that of subcontractors. Oftentimes, owners award projects to multiple contractors and cooperation between them can make or break a project. Sargent's willingness and ability to lead cooperatively is second to none.

Renewable Energy Windmill Project Of Sargent Renewable Energy Windmill Project Of Sargent

Precise Work

We train our personnel to pursue the highest degree of quality in everything they build. Not only do we seriously train our crews, but we outfit them with the latest technology to achieve quality work. Whether it's modern heavy equipment, GPS and laser technology, or data collection and deployment, we fully invest in every aspect of our work.

Sargent's Dump Truck Releasing Gravels On The Ground Sargent's Dump Truck Releasing Gravels On The Ground

Our Skilled and Ever-Improving Workforce

Sargent's first value is investing in people, and it shows in how we manage our projects. To achieve a high degree of accountability and world-class standards of safety, quality, and efficiency, we rigorously train to those standards throughout the year.

Airport Railway Finished Asphalt Airport Railway Finished Asphalt

Fully Integrated Solutions

Sargent not only has the capabilities necessary to build large and demanding airport projects, but we also provide everything under one roof. From excavation to underground to on-road hauling, Sargent can control the entire construction process and schedule as a result.

“It’s refreshing to work with a contractor like Sargent. There’s a give-and-take approach and respect for our opinions that is not common among many other contractors.”
Scott Graham
Consulting Engineer, James W. Sewall Company
"Sargent has been an important construction partner for the Portland International Jetport for the past decade. Sargent is known at the Jetport for exceptional project management. They have the necessary resources and dedicate them to our projects to meet our established phasing requirements, limit operational impacts, and meet project schedules. It is a pleasure to work with Sargent on our most difficult airport construction projects."
Paul H. Bradbury, P.E.
Airport Director, Portland International Jetport

Problems We Solved

  • Proposed re-phasing from bid specs to eliminate runway shutdown for a period.
  • Closely coordinated with airport operations staff to allow airport operations that weren’t specified in bid documents.
  • Successfully rebuilt two runways in 75 days at municipal airport.
  • Completed three-year Air Force ramp refueling projects in two years with state-of-the-art ramp refueling operations.
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