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Princeton Airport Runway Close-up Shot

Princeton Airport Runway Reconstruction

Town of Princeton
Princeton, Maine
Services Provided
General Contractor
Large Excavator Releasing Soil From Dumptruck

Project Overview

This project required the reconstruction of 4,300 linear feet of runway including a 20 foot fill on the south end to bring the runway up to compliance. Crews also reconstructed portions of Taxiways A & B and constructed a new Taxiway C. This contract required the airport to shut down for 100 days while crews completed the project. Rock excavation was completed using a D10 dozer and excavators with hoe rams.

Large Excavator Releasing Soil From Dumptruck
Sargent's Heavy Equipment On Princeton Airport Runway Reconstruction
Large Excavator With Claw Moving Dirt Soil To Dump Truck
Sargent's Caterpillar D10r Crawler Tractor Removing Medium To Large Rocks On The Ground

Scope of Work

  • 92,000 cubic yards of Common Borrow

  • 8,900 linear feet of Underdrain

  • 20,000 cubic yards of Rock Excavation

  • 6,500 linear feet of Storm Drain with 12 Basins

  • 77,000 cubic yards of Reclaiming

  • 11,000 linear feet of electrical trenching

  • 48,000 cubic yards of Subbase Gravel (P154)

  • 7,400 tons of Asphalt (M401)

  • 8,900 cubic yards of Base Gravel (P208)