Newly Done Paved Road Surface For Bar Harbor Route 3

Bar Harbor Route 3

Maine Department of Transportation
Bar Harbor, Maine
Services Provided
General Contractor
Highway + Roadwork
Our Crew Installing Drainage Cement Pipe At Bar Harbor Route 3

Project Overview

Sargent reconstructed and rehabilitated Route 3, beginning 0.57 miles west of Sand Point Road and extending 4.8 miles to Route 233. We performed utility work during the span of the whole project, along with clearing and drainage work along the highway.

We made a wide variety of improvements to Route 3 during the course of this project. Our crews paved a new road surface, improved drainage and runoff management systems, and installed a new rock catchment area along the bluffs. In addition, we paved new sidewalks, new shoulders for bicyclists and pedestrians, and a new multi-use path. We also updated existing sidewalks to meet ADA standards, built a three-foot-wide esplanade between the path/sidewalk and the road, and installed safer crossings with electronic crossing signs.

Our Crew Installing Drainage Cement Pipe At Bar Harbor Route 3
Traffic Cone And Barrer Installed In Bar Harbor Route 3
Our Crew Working On Asphalt Road With Excavator
178 Lf Of Box Culverts For Bar Harbor Route 3

Scope of Work

  • 87,000 CY of excavation

  • 40,500 CY of gravel

  • 178 LF of box culverts

  • 5,100 LF of drainage pipe

  • 150 catch basins

  • 37,000 LF of underdrain pipe

  • 4,000 CY of riprap

  • 900 LF of sewer pipe

  • 9,800 LF of water line

  • 4,000 LF of guardrail

  • 19,700 LF of curbing

  • 40,900 tons of paving