Heavy Equipment Dropping Down The Underground Gaseous Oxygen (gox) Piping

Butler Treatment Facility Ozone Upgrade – Liquid Oxygen System

Bangor Water District
Bangor, Maine
Services Provided
General Contractor
Municipal + Utility
Our Crew Installing Underground Gaseous Oxygen (gox) Piping

Project Overview

Our Crew Installing Underground Gaseous Oxygen (gox) Piping
Our Crew On Securing Gallon Liquid Oxygen Storage Tank For Butler Treatment Facility Ozone
Our Crew Use Heavy Equipment Lifter For Gallon Liquid Oxygen Storage Tank

Scope of Work

  • Construction consisted of an installation of a new liquid oxygen (LOX) storage and feed system at the Bangor Water District’s Butler Treatment Facility in Otis as Phase 1 of 2 of their facilities upgrades.

  • The project also required relocating an existing 24” diameter ductile iron drain line from the ozone contact chamber that ran under the proposed LOX equipment pad.

  • The Butler facility uses ozone and ultraviolet light to disinfect drinking water from Floods Pond in Otis.

  • Phase one of the project included the installation of a 6,000 gallon liquid oxygen storage tank and vaporizer system, a fiber optic SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system, water and drainage piping, and underground gaseous oxygen (GOX) piping to carry the gas into the ozone generator building.