HITT Contracting
South Hill, VA
Services Provided
Site Development

Project Overview

Sargent, recognized for its successful work on a Datacenter project in South Hill, Virginia, has secured the earthwork contract for two additional datacenter buildings, known as AVC02. The project involves significant tasks such as 360,000 cubic yards of on-site excavation, construction of three ponds, storm drain piping, sanitary sewer piping, a segmented retaining wall, stone finishes, diversion channels, and a temporary parking lot. Nick Rosswog, Sargent’s Mid-Atlantic Region Project Executive, emphasized the complexity of the project, including filling wetland areas and addressing storm water drainage challenges. Approximately 25-30 Sargent employee-owners began work in August 2023, targeting completion by March 2024. The Datacenter, a global player with over 300 datacenters worldwide, underscores the crucial role of datacenters in daily life and innovation. The project’s significance was marked by a pivotal zoning ordinance amendment in September 2020, allowing datacenters in specific industrial zones in South Hill, Virginia.