Downeast Wind

Apex Clean Energy
Cherryfield, Maine
Services Provided
General Contractor
Renewable Energy

Project Overview

The Cherryfield/Columbia Falls blueberry barrens will soon house wind turbines for the Downeast Wind project by Apex Clean Energy. Sargent is working on the infrastructure, including roads and concrete batch plants, alongside general contractor Reed & Reed. The project involves 30 wind turbines generating 126 megawatts, spread across south, middle, and north strings. These turbines will be on lands owned by Cherryfield Foods Inc. and Wyman’s, known for blueberry production. The project emphasizes community integration and aims to power around 37,000 homes annually. Sargent’s work, including road building and electrical installations, started in November 2022, targeting completion by fall 2024. Over 1 million cubic yards of dirt and 200,000 cubic yards of gravel will be managed. The project is proceeding on schedule, with about 20 Sargent employees involved. The project contributes to Maine’s renewable energy efforts, aligning with Sargent’s history of wind farm projects in the state.