Hatch Hill Landfill

Hatch Hill Solid Waste Disposal Facility
Augusta, ME
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Project Overview

Sargent crews recently returned to Augusta’s Hatch Hill Solid Waste Disposal Facility for a $1.64 million, two-phase project—their first visit since October 2018. The undertaking involved removing a 40-mil textured geomembrane intermediate cover and constructing a new cover system over a recently filled waste area, setting up gas collection wells, and expanding the gas collection system. The project, aligned with a Woodard & Curran report, aimed to facilitate a future vertical capacity increase at the landfill.

In the initial phase, Sargent removed a temporary liner, allowing landfill operations to move. Gas collection wells were installed, and about 3,000 feet of gas collection piping was laid for energy extraction. This energy, utilized to offset electrical costs, is a key feature of Hatch Hill’s sustainable practices. The subsequent phases included regrading waste and placing a sand barrier, sourced from Sargent’s nearby pit, before the installation of the new intermediate cover, completing the project in late October. Lesley Jones commended Sargent for their expertise in landfill work and their commitment to internal talent development.