Our Crew Working Togethr On Installing Asphalt Cement For Portland Jetport

Juniper Ridge

Casella Waste Systems
Old Town, Maine
Services Provided
Construction of a New 10-Acre Landfill Cell, Pump Station, and 3-Acre Stormwater Retention Pond
36,000 Cy Of Clay Installed At Juniper Ridge Project

Project Overview

Our crews constructed a 10-acre landfill cell at the Juniper Ridge site, along with a new pump station and three-acre stormwater retention pond. We extended the existing 24″ HDPE landfill gas header and 6×10 dual containment leachate force main by approximately 1,000 linear feet. Sargent crews also moved 6,000 cubic yards of material for the cell base grading.

Then, we imported and placed more than 36,000 CY of clay and 50,000 CY of sand to construct the primary and secondary liner layers. We also fused and installed more than 10,000 LF of 6″ and 8″ HDPE pipe for leak detection and leachate collection systems. We also excavated 21,000 CY of material to construct the retention pond.

RTD Enterprises, the subcontractor that handled liner installation, placed nearly 2.5 million square feet of liner materials including geosynthetic clay liner, HDPE-textured geomembrane, and drainage geocomposite.

36,000 Cy Of Clay Installed At Juniper Ridge Project
Project Site View Of Juniper Ridge
Wide View Newly Installed Sand Import

Scope of Work

  • Extended gas header and leachate force main by 1,000 LF

  • Moved 6,000 CY of material for cell base grading

  • 36,000 CY clay import

  • 50,000 CY sand import

  • 10,000 LF of pipe fused and installed

  • 21,000 CY excavation for pond construction