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Lunenburg Landfill

Meridian Waste
Luneburg, VA
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Project Overview

In a five-month span in 2023, Sargent personnel undertook the construction of a nine-acre piggyback landfill cell (4A & 4B) at the Lunenburg Landfill in Virginia, entrusted by Meridian Waste. The complex project, overseen by HHNT, Inc., involved intricate work, including the implementation of a geosynthetic liner system between existing waste cells. Despite challenges, such as difficult access and weather conditions, the project commenced in June and concluded by November. Approximately a dozen Sargent employee-owners played a pivotal role, excavating 18,000 cubic yards of on-site soil for structural fill and placing 18,500 cubic yards as a liner below the geosynthetic system. The comprehensive endeavor also included protective cover stone placement, stormwater management installations, and meticulous steps for site stabilization, resulting in the successful completion of a challenging landfill expansion for Meridian Waste in Lunenburg, Virginia.