Maine General Medical Center Site View

Maine General Medical Center

Maine General Medical Center
Augusta, Maine
Services Provided
Excavation and Utilities
Site Development
Aerial Zoom View Of Main General Medical Center Site

Project Overview

Sargent was selected by the owner to join the team as a subcontractor at 25% design for this new hospital location delivered via integrated project delivery. We were able to reduce the original budget by 15%, thanks to our extensive experience with handling difficult soils.

Sargent crews excavated 320,000 cubic yards, which was 200,000 CY fewer than the original plans. Nearly all of the 320,000 CY of excavation material and embankments were constructed with imported structural fill. Our effective placement of clay excavation enabled us to significantly reduce the import/export on this project. In addition, our crews installed 43,000 linear feet of storm drain and utilities.

Aerial Zoom View Of Main General Medical Center Site
Maine General Medical Emergency Center

Scope of Work

  • 320,000 CY excavation to fill

  • 90,000 CY export

  • 42,000 CY structural excavation

  • 83,000 CY granular borrow

  • 43,000 LF storm drain and utilities