Mt. Carberry Secure Landfill

Androscoggin Valley Regional Refuse Disposal District
Success, NH
Services Provided

Project Overview

Sargent crews are conducting a groundwater separation demo project at the Mt. Carberry Secure Landfill in Success, NH. This supports the Androscoggin Valley Regional Refuse Disposal District’s plan to expand the landfill. The expansion, approved in April 2022, will increase capacity by 4.99 million cubic yards, extending the landfill’s life to 2041. Sargent, working with CMA Engineers, is installing drainage structures and fill, aiming to complete the $7.2 million project by September. This preliminary work will help determine the viability of a new cell. The site was a wetland, previously remediated for future expansion. Around 18-20 Sargent employee-owners are on-site, focusing on moving fill material and maintaining haul routes. In H1 2022, the landfill received 105,338 tons of waste.