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Excavator Filling Sargent's Cat 735c With Miocene Clay Layer

Old Dominion Landfill Cell 1 and Force Main

Republic Services
Richmond, Virginia
Services Provided
12-Acre Geosynthetic Lined MSW Landfill Cell and Perimeter HDPE Leachate Force Main System
Sargent's Volvo's Dumptruck And Excavator Onsite

Project Overview

This project took our crews to the Old Dominion landfill, where we constructed a 12-acre geosynthetic lined MSW landfill cell. We also installed an HDPE leachate force main system around the perimeter of the site, along with four pump stations, two valve vaults, and seven force main vaults. Additionally, we constructed perimeter access roads and a wick drain system.

The initial excavation consisted of hydraulic fill from past quarry operations. The excavation depth reached 80 feet below the existing grade, into a wet Miocene clay layer formed when Richmond was under the ocean 10-15 million years ago. Due to the large volume and saturation of the material, we had to manage numerous stockpile areas in order to meet an aggressive project schedule.

Sargent's Volvo's Dumptruck And Excavator Onsite
Mountain View Part Of Old Dominion Landfill Cell 1 And Force Main
Excavator Digging Clay Soil And Filling It On Volvo's Dumptruck
Excavators And Large Cat's Dump Truck On Digging And Moving Fine Grading

Scope of Work

  • 40,000 CY clay liner

  • 2,200 LF leachate collection system

  • 28,000 CY drainage stone

  • 1,100 LF groundwater interceptor trench and piping

  • 13,500 LF HDPE force main

  • 3,700 LF PVC gravity leachate piping

  • 40 acres of stabilization