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Rangeley Airport Runway Extension

Town of Rangeley
Rangeley, Maine
Services Provided
General Contractor
Aerial Wide View Of Rangeley Airport Runway 14

Project Overview

This project took our crews to the Steven A. Bean Municipal Airport in Rangeley, Maine, where we reconstructed and extended the runway. We started by extending both ends of the runway with 400,000 CY of rock borrow, and we also used 75 feet of fill to extend the 14 end. In addition, we relocated 2,500 feet of Loon Lake Road to make room for the runway’s extended 32 end.

Sargent crews had just 70 days to complete the runway extension and have it reopened for aircraft. We finished this work on schedule, and the runway now runs a total of 4,300 linear feet and has new underdrain, subbase and base gravel, and pavement.

Aerial Wide View Of Rangeley Airport Runway 14
Sargent's Dump Truck Releasing Gravels On The Ground
Rangeley Airport Runway #14 Extension

Scope of Work

  • 400,000 CY of rock borrow

  • 75 feet of fill (14 end)

  • Relocated 2,500 feet of road

  • Completed runway runs 4,300 LF