Tri City Landfill

Meridian Waste
Petersburg, VA
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Project Overview

 In a dual landfill management effort, Sargent personnel simultaneously constructed a piggy-back cell at the Lunenburg Landfill, while another team, located 60 miles east, executed a crucial capping project at the Tri-City Landfill in Petersburg, Virginia. Both landfills are operated by Meridian Waste, with the Petersburg closure project commencing in May and successfully concluding in October 2023. The 10-acre cap involved innovative measures, such as replacing traditional seeding and mulching with a synthetic turf system. Despite challenges posed by tight access and steep slopes surrounded by 50-foot-tall MSE walls, the project required strategic placement of 16,000 cubic yards of on-site ash, 10,000 cubic yards of on-site clay soil, excavation of 5,000 cubic yards of waste, and installation of 2,600 linear feet of 4-inch HDPE toe drain piping. Project Executive Travis Ridky emphasized the difficulties encountered, including challenges with ash material placement on the slope and the handling of dry clay material.