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Atlantic Salmon Federation
Danforth, Maine
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Project Overview

 In 2023, Sargent played a pivotal role in the Baskahegan Lake and Crooked Brook Flowage Fish Passage Project in Danforth, Maine, boosting alewife populations. Led by the Atlantic Salmon Federation, the initiative aimed to restore access to 8,960 acres and 137 miles of stream habitat through a pool and weir fishway at the Baskahegan Dam. Highlighted by the Atlantic Coastal Fish Habitat Partnership, the $1.8 million project, funded by the National Fish Habitat Partnership, removed a significant barrier for sea-run fish species. Sargent’s involvement included construction work starting on July 5, 2023, with in-stream activities permitted between July 15 and Sept. 30, extended by four weeks due to a hurricane. Tim LePage, Sargent’s northern Maine regional manager, explained the construction process, involving cofferdam installation, excavation, and N.S. Giles creating a concrete fishway featuring locks for fish navigation. The completed project is set to have final touches by June 30, 2024, with ecological significance underscored by the state Department of Marine Resources, emphasizing alewives’ vital role in various environments.