Western Maine Renewable Energy

Cianbro Development Corporation and Patriot Renewables, LLC
Moscow, ME
Services Provided
Renewable Energy

Project Overview

The Western Maine Renewable Energy project is underway in Moscow, Maine, involving the construction of pads and access roads for 14 wind turbines. The project site was previously used for the Over-the-Horizon Backscatter Radar Network, a Cold War-era initiative. H.E. Sargent, the construction company involved, had worked on the radar sites in the winter of 1984-85. Now, Sargent is contributing to the wind project by excavating foundations, constructing roads, and handling electrical excavation. Challenges faced during the Cold War project included overcoming a wet plateau, and now Sargent is back at the same site, working on a project expected to supply clean electricity to over 25,000 Maine homes. The timeline extends from mid-July to almost the end of the year, with a return planned in the spring to finalize the project.