Winter Harbor Utility

Acadia National Park
Winter Harbor, ME
Services Provided
Municipal + Utility

Project Overview

Sargent crews are working on a $6.5 million project in Acadia National Park’s Schoodic Peninsula to upgrade sewer and water lines. The goal is to prevent stormwater infiltration into sewer lines by installing new pipes and using pressurized plastic lining. Partnering with Harold McQuinn Inc., Sargent is replacing old pipes, refurbishing pump stations, and redoing the water line along Mountain Road. The area’s historical significance requires archeological examination before digging, and the narrow work corridors necessitate smaller excavators. The project began in May, with most work expected during summer and fall. The location hosts the Schoodic Education and Research Center and is part of Acadia National Park’s mainland section. Sargent previously developed the Schoodic Woods Campground in the area.