Merrel Bros., Transportation Vehicle
Merrel Bros., Transportation Vehicle

Late last week, several belt presses belonging to Merrell Bros., Inc. of Kokomo, IN began arriving at our Wastewater Treatment Project in Caribou, ME. This week, they will begin setting up their pressing operation, cleaning sludge from lagoon 1, and dewatering the sludge for disposal offsite.

Even to the uninitiated, this sounds like dirty, laborious work because it very much is but it also marks the start of the home stretch for this project.

Often you hear folks use “on time and under budget” as metrics to measure the outcome of a project, and this job certainly does fit that description. However, so much more goes into the overall success of a project. Safety, quality, the satisfaction of the owner, the Maine DEP, and the funding agency are all important factors when assessing the performance of a project.

We’re proud to say that we can check all of these boxes for what has been a great project for all involved!